Friday, June 5, 2009

Party Invite!

When: June 6th, Saturday, 12 noon EST
For: To announce the cycle 2 winner!
Wear: Colors of the rainbow. Wear as many colors as you can and stand out! Best dressed posted on Pure Stardoll Genius
Where: My GB! (VballGirlie2695)
Invite: EVERYONE! (Must be member of club to be posted on best dressed.)
Any questions? Ask! 

RSVP in the post called 
'Party to Announce Winner'
in club MNTM

Tell all your friends and tell them to join the club and RSVP!
(You can come to the party without RSVPing, but I would
prefer it if you did RSVP so I have an idea of how many
are attending.)

There will be a discussion(in club MNTM)
 if you wanna be on best dressed.
You can sign that when you are wearing your outfit 
and later that day I will look at everyone's 
and post my favorites. 

Hope you can attend!!


Alannah Jaide said...

Am I allowed to come?
I haven't been to a stardoll party in like a year!

Madeline / VballGirlie2695 said...

Me too!
And of course!

Everyone is invited!