Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hey Ya'll!

I have some news for you!
My dear friend Maddie had to leave us here at Pure Stardoll Genius. She didn't want to, but she told me she was just too busy. =/ Hey, it happens to us all.
We will miss you Maddie!
However, with bad news comes good news.
My good, good friend has agreed to take Maddie's spot and become an author!
You guys will have to sit tight in your chairs and wait until she posts to find out who it is!
Welcome (insert name here) :D and goodbye Maddie! :(

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm A Hot Buys Fan... ATIC!

I love Hot Buys, we all love Hot Buys!
That is why a special club was set up- because one girl (x_strawbs_x) loved Hot Buys- and she wanted to allow all Hot Buys fanatics to join in and discuss/help each other find Hot Buys.
You ask for the clubs' name? HotBuysFanatic.
Simple as that!
Join today, right now, and even sign up to in its very first contest where YOU have a chance to win a Hot Buy!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Star Makeover: ?

I told you guys I would be doing this more often!
So, I want you to guess who this Stardollian is who I gave a makeover to. Here are some clues:
~Her nickname has two names of colors and two numbers in it...
~One of her role models is Jourdan Dunn...
~She is a manager for the club AskPaulinaGirls...
Here is her after her makeover-
Can you guess who? First person to get it gets a gift (up to 6 stardollars) of their choice!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Star Makeover: blonde_bum101

This is a new segment on Pure Stardoll Genius by my very own self... I call it Star Makeover!
It's where I pick a Stardollian and accessorize and do their medolls up!
Being picked does not mean your Medoll is bad, it's all just for fun, something different!
Sometimes I will have you guys guess who it is by giving clues and such, but this time I'll give you the name. It's...
*Left before, right after
I decided to 'pinkify' her! It's sort of edgy, rocker girl chic!
What do you think? :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Best Dressed- MNTM Cycle 2 Party!

So the theme was color. To be judged you had to say that you were "in" under the topic "Sign up for Best dressed" in MNTM.
Maddie personally asked me if I would judge and post the best dressed, because she was packing for vacation (<---Have fun Maddie!) So out of the 8 people, only 1 person was in color. So I couldn't really pick finalists :P But still, this one person did an AWESOME job of using color! And that is... oskydog2! Congrats!

Maddie and I were also in color... here we are...

Hope those of you went had a great time... Congrats to the winner of cycle 2 of MNTM, Dance4life56! Make sure to stay tuned for more parties!

-Hayley (and Maddie) (:



Friday, June 5, 2009

Party Invite!

When: June 6th, Saturday, 12 noon EST
For: To announce the cycle 2 winner!
Wear: Colors of the rainbow. Wear as many colors as you can and stand out! Best dressed posted on Pure Stardoll Genius
Where: My GB! (VballGirlie2695)
Invite: EVERYONE! (Must be member of club to be posted on best dressed.)
Any questions? Ask! 

RSVP in the post called 
'Party to Announce Winner'
in club MNTM

Tell all your friends and tell them to join the club and RSVP!
(You can come to the party without RSVPing, but I would
prefer it if you did RSVP so I have an idea of how many
are attending.)

There will be a discussion(in club MNTM)
 if you wanna be on best dressed.
You can sign that when you are wearing your outfit 
and later that day I will look at everyone's 
and post my favorites. 

Hope you can attend!!