Saturday, June 6, 2009

Best Dressed- MNTM Cycle 2 Party!

So the theme was color. To be judged you had to say that you were "in" under the topic "Sign up for Best dressed" in MNTM.
Maddie personally asked me if I would judge and post the best dressed, because she was packing for vacation (<---Have fun Maddie!) So out of the 8 people, only 1 person was in color. So I couldn't really pick finalists :P But still, this one person did an AWESOME job of using color! And that is... oskydog2! Congrats!

Maddie and I were also in color... here we are...

Hope those of you went had a great time... Congrats to the winner of cycle 2 of MNTM, Dance4life56! Make sure to stay tuned for more parties!

-Hayley (and Maddie) (:

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