Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Suite Genius:...halloween...

...halloween... creates Twilight inspired suite rooms and they are one word : amazing!
I was in awe while looking through all of her rooms.
She has alot of talent and creativity and I thought she deserves a mention!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Hey Everyone! I'm one of the new authors; I won Hayley's Cycle One of her competition. I just wanted to introduce myself and say what I'm planing for Pure Stardoll Genius.
First off, I want to tell everyone a little bit about myself. I've been a member on Stardoll since August 14, 2007. But, I have just gotten into Stardoll by reading many blogs and participating in clubs in 2008. I love fasion and beauty; I read Seventeen Magazine like the Bible! I love Stardoll because the fashion is amazing and I love creating outfits! And this brings me to my second point, what I'm going to bring to Pure Stardoll Genius.
Other than doing the amazing posts of how Stardoll's are creating genius outfits, albums, and suites; I was thinking about writing posts about Fashion and Beauty tips for not just your MeDoll but for yourself!
And before I head out, I just wanted to thank Hayley (surfsandandsun) so much for letting me become a part of this amazing blog and I'm looking forward to work with her and xLou26!
-Emily (=

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Authors!

Hopefully, with these 2 new additions, we can get this blog rollin'! (:
Readers, if you are still out there, I would like to introduce you to PSG's 2 (not 1) new authors...
Wait for it...
xLou26 and Emily2192!
I asked Lou if she would join us and she eagerly said yes while Emily won my club, HayleysModels, cycle 1! BTW, right now you guys can sign up for cycle 2. The prizes are quite cool I must say. [:
I'm so glad to have them, they are both great.
Hopefully you will see a post from one of them soon.
I want to keep this blog active!
Who's with me?!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Album Genius: Debbiedoll!

Not only is her suite awesome, but so is her album!
I found her album VERY creative because it was unlike all the rest!
Why? Because each page had a poem with a picture, and the picture went along with the poem.
Here's a sneak peek... but you can see the rest by clicking here. Debbiedoll, great work, this is definitely a thumbs up! (:

Friday, July 3, 2009

Album Genius: sammie1123!

From now on, this blog will follow the not so quote on quote "famous" on Stardoll.
Everyone wants a chance to be recognized, and gosh darnit they will be!
Soooo, I randomly went through our follower's list. :)
And guess who caught my little eye?
Miss sammie1123!
So I went to her page and looked around, and little did I know that she had an awesome album!
I loved it because it had a lot to do with summer, which you all should know is my favorite season! :D
Take a peek, and don't forget to check the whole thing out by clicking here.
Congrats sammie1123, and nice job!