Friday, May 22, 2009

First Contest! First Contest! WIN BIG!

Hi Everyone! Madeline here! Sorry no banner! Here is my first contest..

Help this girl! Give her a makeover. Well, don't tell her we are
giving her a makeover. I randomly saw this girl.
1. Go to anormal_girl
2. Click on her medoll icon to give her a makeover
3. Fix her! Make her look beautiful!
4. Take a screen shot of the before and after.
5. Post on tinypic the before and after
6. Send me the url address from tinypic and paste on this
post in the comments.

It's simple!

I will choose a winner based on who I thought did the best job!

The winner will receive...
1. A superstar gift under 10$
2. Manager and judge of my club MNTM
3. A piece of my clothing from my closet (I will choose 3 items and
you will choose one of the three. This will cost you 1 stardollar
and you have to be superstar to choose this one)

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!



surfsandandsun said...

Madison, you rock! I'll tell TSC readers about this ;)

Madeline said...