Friday, January 2, 2009

Overall Amazing Creation Genius: sissyboy

Okay, I'm a loser. Just say it... :D
I'm soooo sorry for not posting, but to tell you the truth there's nothing (nobody) to post about!
Nah, there's always someone to post about, I'm just too lazy :P
Oh, and you guys have officially been declared AWESOME. Look at our followers! 15?!
And I haven't even posted!
You guys rock, seriously. (:
So, anyway, let's give you a genius, shall we?!
He's funny. He's out there. He's...
I just had to show you guys his MeDoll, it's hilarious, dontcha think?!
His Medoll has female features, and to top it off he's dressed in PINK female clothing!
I love it! Way to go sissyboy! :]
To visit sissyboy's suite, click here

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