Friday, December 5, 2008

Album Genius: cltreanor

Your witnessing PSG's first post recognizing a "Genius" ever!
Oh, before I move on and present our first Stardoll Genius, I'd like to thank all of our visitors and especially our followers! Thanks guys for believing in me! :D
Now that that's said,
Our first genius is CLTREANOR!
Her name is Clare and she's 17.
Not only does she have an awesome medoll and suite,
She has a BEYOND amazing album!
Check this out:
And that's only a sample!
Click the link to see her whole album:
She brought Stardoll albums to a whole new level!
But please everyone, take some ideas from her but don't copy!
Maybe you can do a furniture album... It's up to you!
-Hayley :]


yasas10 said...

It's akward how she asked us to check out her album, and you posted it here, because I was too lazy to post mine.
You read minds!
Great 1st post, btw.

Dora said...

I started making something similar yesterday... All I have so far is a beach. :D
I love her Album!
Also I agree with Yas, great first post. :)

PointlessGirl said...

I do think its one of a kind. Its fashionable don't you think?